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7 years old man takes out old collections held exhibition of anc

Shen Mingbao and his exhibition of ancient Chinese literature search.Wang Yu was the year of the dragon are coming, 71 year old Shen Mingbao collectors do play a postcard, spark, phone card serial exhibition of ancient Chinese literature search.
Over 1300 exhibits, stamp, label, spark, playing cards, lottery,christian louboutin pas cher, formal diversity, the exhibition covers Chinese word origins, Chinese Confucianism, Taoism classics, Chinese characters, Chinese civilization mien, "twenty-four, twenty-four, the ancient ritual cheap cheap politics classic characters, as well as Chinese ancient celebrity calligraphy and painting, the famous ancient carving the five part of.
Wonderful exhibits stamps, lottery, spark and ancient Chinese literature search on exhibition at Jianye District in Taoyuan community office, just up the stairs, a display to show in front of us, brightly coloured stamp, lottery, let people see things in a blur of spark.
The first view is the "Chinese rhyme book: the origin of words".From ancient times the petroglyphs, tying knots, to the Shang Dynasty Oracle, then known as Clementi, official script, regular script, cursive script, running script,, there are little-known tadpole article, fly, mosquito foot paper, white paper, its head of the sickle head paper, engraved on bricks,christian louboutin, moment in the bamboo, carved in ceramics, almost all of the characters are included in a small stamp.
"Ancient Chinese literature search range is very large, only series to display."Then, Shen old went to the exhibition the inside corner of a big paper box, he bent down, open the lid, "here is a box full of many famous celebrities, have no place to display.
"The reporter to see, from the Qing Dynasty famous painter Wu Zhenwu at the hands of the the Imperial Palace "mandarin ducks" are among the lotus.Shen old display by a display, attracted a large number of people come to visit.
The sixth grade of the Min Jian, the first million strong community students in after school came, for them, Shen old exhibition and provides them with a composition material.Some time ago, Shen old already in Zhonghua middle school, New River middle school, the primary school opened lectures on ancient Chinese literature search.
Collection experience to Hefei "spell" 12 stamped envelopes to Shen old favorite is "China twenty-four cheap" collectibles, version is complete, "spark", "calling card", "envelope" version are.Saw a board special paste 12 green envelope, each envelope is painting a picture of the Northern Song Dynasty portrait, or Bao Zheng, or Ming Hai, history of clean government in which all, upper side reads "for portrait of the name, not with the vulgar", "life", thousands of ancient read "and other words, portrait right vertical wrote their life story.
Shen said the old, the 12 envelope is followed him from Hefei to Nanjing by train.It was in September of this year, Shen old over the "directory" postage sheet, learned of Hefei Philatelic Association issued a "China model" of the ancient thrifty cheap postage envelopes, very glad, because "China model" is the ancient Jian Lian with ancient Chinese literature search exhibition series in "twenty-four low" theme fit, which is what you were missing.
He reasoned that a collection of Hefei friends must collect the envelope, and immediately called the friend phone.What's on your mind?I can exchange with you, as long as you have "Chinese ancient Jian Lian model" to me.
""No, I have only one set of."With no fruit, the very next day, Shen old simply buy train tickets to hefei.After several days of "death Pinhuo spell", Shen old finally took the "baby" came back to one's heart's content, a total of 12 "Chinese ancient Jian Lian model" stamped envelopes, a complete set of, take the entire.

15 year old girl was father locked the house 10 years never separate out the doo

Cook for 13 consecutive days work without leave death

A boy of 19 called drop-out workers lose too many stressed primary school

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Cattle to market is not optimistic about the transport during th

Lee from Hunan a couple of this year is not good.Because of Scalping Train tickets, they are Shenzhen Railway Public Security Department, "please" to accept investigation, facing security detention punishment.
Speculative reselling of tickets two days was arrested January 8th, Shenzhen Railway Public Security Department received a report, about a middle-aged couple in Fuyong people hospital nearby hotel rented a room, as the ticket reselling stronghold.
That evening 11 when, railway police department police quickly rushed to Fuyong,christian louboutin, the hotel to carry out arrests in front of the capitol."Outside the hotel view, see the wall phone line to walk, is to determine the real.
"When involved in the actions of the police to have reporters.January 9th morning 8 when make,christian louboutin pas cher, the police rushed to the night before the good points of the room door on the."At the door and heard inside the phone sound, is using a hands-free.
"Participate in the actions of the police said, in a hotel the boss with a key to open the door, found a couple in the room setting 4 landline telephone, two people are using the hands-free keep dialing telephone booking.
"The man is in a panic, crying on the spot."Involved in the actions of the police said, then the couple admitted on the spot that is speculative reselling of tickets, the success of 4, 5.Review of the police that the man Mousi, Li, 42 years old, his wife named Lee, 35 years old, two people and for the people of Hunan, first speculative reselling of tickets will be 2 days police seized.
Lee couples to acknowledge truthfully, which cost 400 yuan to rent the room for a month, day at the hotel downstairs counter setting a ticket to booking, registration of the ID card, charge a deposit, and then every morning since 8 customer service began to keep 4 landline telephone Qiangding alternatively call booking.
"It is difficult to dial, old since not going in."Lee couples said speculative reselling of tickets, this market is not optimistic about: "a single a single."Scalpers from less than in previous years the same day, the Shenzhen Railway Public Security Department divided themselves into 5 groups, 5 groups were dispatched to Fuyong, Baoan, bright and many other rental housing, destroyed 5 dens with ticket, caught 11 scalpers, collection for ordering tickets phone 25, booking documents seized in 47, followed by 11 a ticket tout all security detention.
Railway Public Security Department, said, this is the year of cracked ticket tout the largest number of an action."This year's speculative reselling of tickets is less than in previous years, begin from January 12th, our police received no votes traffickers report about.
"Shenzhen Railway Public Security Department spokesman says, this year first opened the network real-name system for booking, ticket speculation has played an effective role in the strike.Due to the real-name system cannot transfer ticket, similar to the "58 city" "Ganji" trading website about train ticket columns have been forced to close.

6 years the couple left the twins children jump off building Dutch act

During the Spring Festival fraud SMS multiple police remind

Cars a year illegal 63 owners called friends borrow after violation

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22 years young guard died while police say the risk of acute leu

In the relevant documents,Huang Jian left vague .With the son cremation proof, Huang Yuquan is crying without tears .Police say the risk of acute leukemia induced by dead antecedents ,theft of 2 months of imprisonmentthe edition the author information times reporter Wei Bohang Tong Dan intern reporter He Xiaomin edition photography Information Times reporter Zhou Pinglang the day before yesterday evening, the Guangxi youth Huang Jian died due to acute leukemia .
Prior to this ,he was imprisoned for theft in Baiyun District jail 2 monthsin custody ,and the critically ill suddenly .On his deathbed ,Huang Jian he claimed to be caught is a misunderstanding .
While the hearing of his son Wong father called son previously no symptoms of leukemia ,the family also had no medical history .In addition ,his son whether crime doubt .Now people are gone, only hope Wong father son can take clean away .
The unexpected: son to spike .Arrested Huang Yuquan is the Guangxi county farmer, fathered a son and a daughter, after the Spring Festival this year ,22 year old sonHuang Jian and his girlfriend went to Guangzhou to work as .
We have no relatives in Guangzhou ,because his girlfriend working here ,so he would like to work .Huang Yuquan said his son last year, went to work at a toy factory in Dongguan ,so don worry .
Usually yellow sword and family rarely ,last to home 报平安 is this year in September,he was called home to tell her to go to hair salon ,learn craft .In October 26th, Huang Yuquan received in Bama County local police station sent an envelope ,which is Baiyun District Public Security Bureau to arrest warrant .
Read my son suspected of theft, is now kept in Baiyun District jail .Huang Yuquan says .Then Huang Yuquan called Baiyun District jail ,want to send some money and clothes ,but the person in charge said now is the court case ,sentencing only after visiting .
Ignorance of the law of Huang Yuquan dismissed the idea to Guangzhou ,but he was called Huang Jian and a few friends call, however, are unable to connect .Wrong: the lockup suddenly ill in December 19th,christian louboutin, Huang Yuquan from Baise workers home ,that evening 6 when make ,a Guangzhou area code telephone call ,Baiyun District are the side calls ,tell me yellow sword very ill in hospital ,now ,let us go over it .
Taking advantage of the night ,with Huang Yuquan and 3 relativestook the bus to Guangzhou .20 days afternoon 2 when make,Huang Yuquan goes to the Armed Police Hospital ,in the hospital gate ,Huang Yuquan on bail book signing ,saw the son ,he looked very weak ,right arm edema ,clothes are difficult ;in two knees with blood stasis ;stomach there are many similar to mosquito bites and red .
I asked him if he had beaten ,he said no .According to Huang Jian Mr Luo said ,they had to transfer to the Guangxi Nanning ,but the doctor said that Huang Jian could not afford to travel ,leave the hospital 2 hourswithout .
News: the risk of acute leukemia of sudden death of 20 to 26,this time to Huang Yuquan in the hospital to take care of his son ,he asked the hospital department of internal medicine doctor is what disease ,christian louboutin pas cher,gotten answer is possible for leukemia .
My son had no symptom of leukaemia ,our family has no history of leukemia ,how can get leukaemia ?The subsequent dialogue with his son ,Huang Yuquan learned that Huang Jian was in December 12th was sent for ,he told me ,when the symptoms are dizziness ,have a fever ,have nosebleeds .
The day before yesterday afternoon 4 when make,Huang Jian exacerbations, that evening 10 when died .Yesterday morning ,Huang Yuquan received a medical certificate of death ,direct died because of acute leukemia .
Yesterday reporter consults the Armed Police Hospital ,the other refused an interview .Three party claim the dead: detention is a misunderstanding at the age of 46, Huang Yuquan still can his son committed a thing ,in his impression, son of honest ,gentle personality ,completely and thieves no equal .
Home feel too difficult ,first on their own to drop out of it to work, to family burden .Huang Yuquan recalls .The son one last time, Huang Yuquan a few questions ,by yellow sword broken words ,Huang Yuquan heard his explanation .
Huang said Guangzhou sword friends here have to the Internet is ,borrow his identity card ,and has not returned ,to discuss when they say is lost ,Huang Yuquan told the reporters ,so Huang Jianceng calls home ,let the mother go to the local police station to report the loss .
Huang Jian friends suspected crime ,his identity card in the scene, the police then according to the Id find him .Father : I hope that the son is innocent in Huang Jian last moments of life ,the father of the yellow crime son and not too much blame ,he is more willing to believe that , innocent .
Yesterday afternoon after cremation ashes ,talk ,Mr. Luo somewhat reluctantly said ,in Guangzhou, when he would not go back ,lest bring back to home .In order to verify his son just at the funeral home after son cremation matters ,Huang Yuquan hurried to the Baiyun District the understanding of the situation ,but was told to go to the case of the case-handling units with the police station asked .
He immediately went to the police station ,but everything seems to make fun of the dead father ,when he arrived, the station has been off work .Because it has been a week, home also has something to deal with ,the father had to last night yellow and relatives took the car back to his home in Guangxi ,left to work in Guangzhou and other news .
Police :does not exist illegal operation yesterday, reporters on the matter at Baiyun police . program is legal ,not exist illegal operations .Baiyun police, criminal suspects is first examination was seriously ill ,was taken to the hospital at the same time to inform their families ,and at the same time for release upon bail pending trial ,are in accordance with procedures operating .
A reporter from the Baiyun police learned that ,because Huang Jian was suspected of the theft in October 12th by the German police criminal detention .After investigation ,October 26th to burglary crime was approved the arrest .
In December 19th, Huang Jian because of illness ,the public security organs in accordance with the provisions of the immediate notification of their families .According to the relevant provisions of the public security organ for the terminally ill ,the crime suspect to inform their families to apply for bail pending trial .

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